Bottelary Hills Conservancy


The Bottelary Hills MTB route runs over 20 farms in the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy area just outside Stellenbosch.

Funds from the MTB route are used to fund the conservancy.

Starting at The Only One Restaurant on Bottelary Road. Makes for stunning riding for the skilled and not-so-skilled rider.

From the start, follow the pink arrows that mark the trail, and ride towards Table Mountain in the distance. Ride past the cellar until you get to a brick road and turn left to the top where you will see markers for both the Orange and Red routes

For the Red route, turn left and meander from farm to farm on undulating jeep track amid rolling hills. There are some challenging climbs and lots of off-camber turns on loose surfaces, but only 1.5km of single track at the very top of the Red route.

Along the way are various coloured options that will add distance to the ride (Yellow 10km, Blue 6km, Green 13km, and Orange 9km).

Towards the end of the Red route, it merges with Orange to take you home. The hallmark of the trails is the scenic beauty and incredible views of the Winelands, Table Mountain, False Bay and other surrounding areas.

The Red Route is the "Main Route" 18.5km with 600m of climbing–renosterveld, farm and vineyard paths.

The Yellow Loop is 6.3km with 290m of climbing, or an easier 4km option with 230m of climbing. It has three very steep hike-a-bike sections
mostly jeeptrack through renosterveld.

The Green Loop is 12km with 350m of climbing  jeeptrack through renosterveld and vineyard paths and a few single track sections.

The Orange Loop is 9km with 160m of climbing and ideal for beginners and the "not-so-fit" with  jeeptrack and farm roads through vineyards

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