Oak Vally Mountain Bike Park


Elgin is home to some of South Africa’s most celebrated mountain biking terrain, combined with our cool climate, it offers riders near perfect conditions.

Riding the superb Oak Valley trails will make you happy, and the more you ride them, the happier you are likely to be. Built by late winemaker Pieter Vis­ser, this network of routes is a true MTB gem that rates near the very top of most mountain bikers’ bucket lists.

Your adventure kicks off on single­track that gently meanders along the course of a small stream through a forest of oak trees, over wooden bridges The course will take you up a couple of hills, but nothing that will overly tax a moderately fit rider. Oak Valley could just as well be renamed Narnia because every hill and corner hides yet another undiscovered visual and riding treat.

Our trails were pioneered by legend Pieter Visser who designed the routes to accommodate all skill levels. From the Racing Snake, Strava Hunter, Trail Blazer to the Weekend Warrior riding with his family, there is something here for every rider.

Riders pass through beautiful natural scenery, forests of ancient oaks, vineyards, fruit orchards, across cattle pastures, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Groenlandberg mountains. It is a world class 5-star experience.

Discover our famous sections,  Vissie’s Magic, Stone & Steel, Fountain of Youth, Sounds of Silence, Groendlandberg Stairway, Harrier Hawk, Raging Baboon, JK’s Edge and Wonderland to name a few.

The trail consists of a short blue route and longer red route. The red route links to several black loops which cater for more advanced riders.

Oak valley Mountain Bike Trail Map
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