Hiking St Blaize Trail

Hiking St Blaize Trail

13.5 km of pure hiking pleasure!

The St. Blaize Trail is a popular 13.5 km trail that is indicated will take 6hours. My group did it in 4:15. We started in Dana Bay, off Malva Road. The start is clearly signposted.

The Trail is almost decided in 3 sections. The first bit from Dana Bay is sandy, from the Pinnacle Golf Course rocky and very up and down and the last section reasonably easy.

The path follows the contours along the cliffs, down to a beach, boardwalk stairways, along the immaculate Pinnacle Point Golf Course with its well manicured greens & tee boxes and massive dream homes. All the way to the cave at Cape St. Blaize lighthouse, The Point, Mossel Bay.

The Trail is clearly marked in white with the sign of the Oystercatcher, as it forms part of the greater Oystercatcher trail starting at the Gourits river mouth.

The trail is technical at times and should not be underestimated. The trail is quite exposed to the elements so carry water and exercise caution in wet weather, high winds, and mist.

Written by:  - 20 Mar, 2017  
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